The DSP's all-in-one toolkit

Stop using spreadsheets and multiple tools and start managing your delivery operations with one tool.

Easy DA onboarding tracking

Onboarding DAs quicker so they don't get tired of waiting and switch with another DSP. Karavelo will track your DAs onboarding progress in a centralised location, keep them engaged through out the process and send them updates. Karavelo will perform automatic VAT and DVLA checks for you.

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Audit & Compliance

Karavelo will collect all the required information from the applicant and will be able to track the progress of the application. Uploading all the required policies & declarations. Performs VAT checks and upload VAT certificates. UK Driving licence checks.

When it comes to Audits you can easly share the information with auditors.

“I mean, very important as it will help to keep all drivers compliant and have control of all the codes that are not accepted by the insurance and by AMZL.”

Rayane Buselli, Compliance Manager
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Invoicing & Payments

Invoicing and payments are now a breeze with Karavelo. Have all your invoices in a single place and have full visibility. Karavelo will automatically generate invoices for you and send them to your DAs. The system will notifiy for you overdue invoices so they get processed.

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DA Rostering and Schedulling

Roster your DAs and keep track of their availability. Karavelo will automatically generate the roster for you and send it to your DAs. Karavelo tracks consecutive working days to protect overworking your contractors. Have overview of your contractor's routes/availability and OHR (On-road hours).

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Performance tracking and insights

Karavelo will track your DAs performance overtime and provide insights for areas of improvement. Stop losing routes anymore and improve your performance to earn bonuses. Save thousands of £££ of damages of bills with having high Safety scores

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